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You can book your ironing service with in eastern suburbs of Sydney here. Below you will see our products.


First select a pick up date and time that suits you. Generally pick ups are between 7pm and 10pm Monday to Sunday. If the pickup time you would like is unavailable then please call us on 0434 237 008 and we’ll try to accommodate you.


Once a pick up is selected and booked in then you will need to book a delivery date for your ironing service. Due to the laws of time and physics this can not be on the same day but you can pick an other available slot. again if you would like a particular day that is showing as unavailable then please call us on 0434 237 008 and we’ll try to find a solution.


If you’re unsure about a delivery date you can book the pick up now and then select a delivery date later on.


Once both the pick up and delivery are booked you can checkout through your shopping cart. If this is your first time using be iron free you will need to set up an account and create an ironing profile, which is how you tell us the way you’d like your ironing done. If you already have an account then all your details will be saved but available for you to adjust if needed.


There are two payment options, credit card through our secure payment gateway with no surcharge, or cash on pick up. Select a payment option, fill in any card details or select a previously saved card and hit okay. You’ll receive an email with your booking details. If you need to cancel, which you can do up to 2 hours before your booking time, use this email or log into you account to cancel the booking and refund your payment.


Around half an hour before arriving at your home for either a pick up or delivery our drivers will SMS you that they are on the way. If the basket is to be left unattended outside the front then our driver will provide you with an additional SMS when they have picked it up.


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