Ironing Lady

Ironing…. because who wants free time anyway

At be iron free we aim for a simple pricing model. Gone are long list of prices per item, extras for starch or frills, and not knowing how much the basket costs until it is delivered.

We charge a flat rate per basket of $70 (including GST)

We’re not the cheapest and we don’t aim to be. We provide quality service with uniformed drivers, secure online payments with out any surcharge even with American Express and full insurance for your piece of mind.

Our drivers, who you’ll interact with the most, are all customer service focused professionals who happen to drive – rather than drivers who happen to deliver clothes.

If you’re looking for a husband and wife cash in hand operation then be iron free is not for you. If you want a professional, online and customer focused operation with the highest standards in quality then you’re at the right place.

Remember all customers can get their first basket for half price by using the code WELCOME at checkout.

What do we consider a basket?

We’re pretty reasonable about basket sizes. Something like this is your typical basket. Filled up and slightly over the top is fine. But pack it in hard like your trying to go overseas and meet the baggage requirement and you’ll end up over a basket size.

laundry basket

Something like this is pushing it.

overloaded basket

We don’t care what is inside the basket. Unlike other ironing services that try to charge per item, charge extra for frills or lace or limit the amount of business shirts you can have, be iron free don’t do any of this. We’re happy to provide  a flat rate and not waste your time or ours counting items, surcharging because you have nice clothes, or adding on a  delivery cost. We want you to be iron free in the simplest most efficient manner possible.